About us

The company "ING-VICTUS d.o.o. for design in construction and real estate" was founded by Matija Šimić-Jelić, Master of Civil Engineering and a licensed Real Estate Agent. After graduating from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Osijek, working and collecting experience in a project office and further training in marketing and real estate, he decided to consolidate and apply the acquired knowledge by starting his own company and with the desire to provide contemporary, high-quality and complete service to future clients and investors.
NG-VICTUS d.o.o. is a company engaged in real estate and designing in construction. The office is located in the center of Belišće. The name ING-VICTUS itself (ing = engineering, victus = lifestyle) points to our mission to design and locate properties that will provide you with maximum satisfaction through our responsible and individual approach.
ING-VICTUS d.o.o. za projektiranje i nekretnine

Designing and expert supervision

We offer a complete service of design in construction and expert supervision over the construction of residential, business, commercial and industrial buildings. We approach each of our projects with great expertise, professionalism, and responsibility, listening to the needs and wishes of the investor. A permanent part of our company is an authorized civil engineer, a member of Croatian chamber of civil engineers, who takes care about coordination of project documentation and makes sure all regulations and legal requirements are met.
For designing purposes, ING-VICTUS uses the most up-to-date licensed software, which among other things allows for shorter drafting time. We make 3D models and virtual walk-throughs of the designed building to help you get the best service and the finest look at what your project could look like. By downloading a special app on Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets investors can download a finished 3D model of their designed buildings and enjoy the professional 3D project presentation at any time.
Creating a complete project documentation is an interdisciplinary process, so we carefully choose our business partners, who approach each project with equal enthusiasm. We cooperate with engineers of geodesy, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and architecture, as well as with our colleagues civil engineers on larger and more demanding projects.

Real estate brokerage

ING-VICTUS d.o.o. mediates in the sale, purchase, and rental of real estates, such as family houses, flats, business premises and agricultural and construction land. Our area of ​​activity are the towns of Belišće and Valpovo with their surroundings and the Osijek-Baranja County. We offer a complete service to our clients, starting from reviewing and evaluating the real estate market value, checking the documentation that demonstrates ownership, presenting and advertising the real estate on the market, giving advisory support, managing contracts and registration of ownership rights to the new customer.
We cooperate with experts from various areas, especially attorneys and public notaries, who will check every property for you, and then the purchase or sale process will be quick and easy, and the contract, transaction and ownership transfer will be secure. We also work closely with licensed energy certifiers that will quickly and efficiently produce an energy certificate for your property.
ING-VICTUS d.o.o. is a licensed real estate agency registered in the Register of Real Estate Agents at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Agency has a permanent employment relationship with an authorized real estate agent, registered in the Register of Agents at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.